Reasons for placing you orthodontics in adulthood

  • You have already had orthodontics when you were a teenager, but over time your teeth have moved.
  • A few years ago the orthodontic treatments ended once the teeth were perfectly aligned, and the possibility of them moving again was not taken into account.
  • Nowadays, however, an orthodontic treatment does not end until the patient takes with him at least one retention system (sometimes, up to two: one removable and the other fixed). And is that the teeth have memory and will always tend to return to their initial position. So, if you have ever had orthodontics, but they did not put a restraint system on you, you will have seen how your teeth have moved with no other remedy than going through the orthodontist again.
  • For one reason or another, you did not get to treat yourself when you were younger and you think that now could be the right time.
  • Perhaps because of an economic issue or because at that time you did not see it necessary, but today is the day you regret not having put on orthodontics when you were younger. However, every time you see more adults with “apparatus” and perhaps it is not such a bad idea to correct those defects that create certain insecurities.
  • Even if your smile is aesthetically fine, you have functional problems: clicks in the jaw, digestive problems…
  • You have muscular pains, problems when digesting food or you hear clicks in your jaw. You are not worried about the aesthetics of your smile, but maybe you have a functional problem in your maxilla or jaw that prevents you from leading a normal life. You think the time has come for you to see a specialist and maybe orthodontics may be a solution for you.
  • Your teeth have moved as a result of some type of dental problem: gum disease, movements as a result of the absence of a tooth…
  • Gum disease (periodontitis or pyorrhea), the absence of a missing tooth, etc. They have moved your teeth and you no longer smile with the same safety. You think the time has come to correct it before your problem goes further and you trust that orthodontics will make you recover the smile you once wore.

Orthodontics to correct teeth

What is the ideal orthodontic treatment for you?

You do not worry too much about aesthetics and you are looking for an efficient and economical treatment

If you do not give too much importance to your image and prefer to make a minor investment when it comes to correcting your smile, you can opt for metal brackets. They are the most traditional solution, and as efficient as the newest systems.


You care about your image, but you are also looking for an economic orthodontic system

If metallic braces do not convince you because they are unsightly, but you are still looking for an inexpensive device, you can opt for ceramic brackets.

Ceramic brackets

Aesthetics is extremely important for you and you put it before any other aspect

If you need to put orthodontics, but you do not want anyone to perceive that you carry the device and the price is not a problem, we have the ideal system for you: lingual orthodontics.

Lingual braces are placed on the inside of the tooth so that the visible part of your smile will be completely free of irons and will not affect your social or work life at all.

In addition, thanks to the fact that each bracket and each arch are completely made to measure after carrying out an intraoral 3D scan of the patient’s mouth, this personalization assures us that the treatment will be highly effective and faster than with other orthodontic systems.

Lingual device

You are a responsible person In addition, you give great importance to your image and look for a method that is comfortable and that allows you to maintain good dental hygiene without effort

The clear aligners are for you if:

  • You are a responsible person and you commit to put them on the 22 hours a day they require to be effective.
  • You care about the aesthetics of your smile and do not want to know anything about the brackets (neither metallic, aesthetic, nor lingual)
  • Bets for the convenience of being able to remove the aligners to eat any type of food (either hard or sticky) or if you have an important event.
  • You want to be able to maintain proper dental hygiene without the effort required by other systems such as braces (special interproximal brushes for orthodontics, floss super floss …).