If you are an adult and you do not like the appearance of your teeth, you should know that you can radically change the appearance of these thanks to an orthodontics.

Many adults, for various reasons, can have very ugly and misaligned teeth. In addition, we must not only focus on the aesthetics of these teeth, we also have to look at the functionality, since in many cases there is not a good bite, or the teeth may be moving and causing them to huddle with each other. This situation, over the years, makes it really uncomfortable for someone to even smile.

In addition, you may think that not being a teenager, the use of orthodontics as it is outside of your “era.” You are totally wrong, because the use of orthodontics in adults is very normal, in fact it is increasingly widespread the good habit of using these orthodontics those people who really need them and could not benefit from them in their younger years.

You can also think that it is very ugly that your teeth are now seen as a mess of irons or that you do not want all of your acquaintances to begin to ask you why you are using an orthodontics at your age. You should know that today’s orthodontics are very different from those of a few years ago and that, while it is true that there are still orthodontics “that can be seen”, there are others that are totally invisible to others.

Types of orthodontics for adults and their prices

We must tell you that, whatever the orthodontics you choose, the result will always be the same. That is to say, the teeth end up aligning the same with a classic orthodontics that with an invisible one. The only thing that differentiates one from another is simply the process.

The orthodontics of all life

The orthodontics best known to all is the typical orthodontics with metal brackets.

This orthodontics is at your disposal if you are not a person who suffers complexes and if you want to spend less money. The disadvantage of these metal brackets is that they are logically visible, but the price of this orthodontic treatment is lower (above 2500 dollars).

Orthodontics with sapphire brackets

Basically it is a classic orthodontics, but instead of using metal brackets, they use sapphire, which is whitish in color and is much more dissimulated with the tooth.

It does not become an invisible orthodontics properly so called, but it is more concealed than the previous one. The price is somewhat more expensive, about 3000 dollars.

The lingual orthodontics

With the lingual orthodontics for adults we can begin to say that we enter the field of invisible orthodontics.

Lingual orthodontics is also a classic orthodontics, but in this case the devices that align the teeth are placed behind it, leaving the visible face of the tooth free.

This way, nobody will notice that you are wearing an orthodontic device unless you say it. The only disadvantages of this method is that it can be a bit more annoying at first, and that cleaning it is also more difficult.

The price of lingual orthodontics is about the same as the previous one, over 3000 dollars.

Invisible orthodontics

This orthodontics has lately become very fashionable. It involves placing transparent aligners above the teeth, which move the teeth little by little.

These aligners are removed for drinking and eating without any effort and are very difficult to detect.

The price of invisible orthodontics is higher given the novelty, you can leave from 4000 to 6000 dollars (each aligner costs about 200 dollars) .


If you are an adult and you do not like the appearance of your teeth, do not hesitate to go to your dentist of confidence so that I can explain to you what orthodontic appliances can work best for you.

Dental health is something very important that we must take care of, and we can not let a series of prejudices ruin our aesthetics and our comfort and security in ourselves. More and more adults are aware of this, and come to perform an orthodontics if they really need it. So if you need it too, get in there as soon as possible.