Then we will know the different reasons to opt for the dental veneer and it is one of the most advisable aesthetic solutions that we find within the field of Dentistry that treats the improvement of the dental aesthetics of the patients. In this sense, we must highlight the important role that dental aesthetics plays in society and this translates into numerous patients interested in undergoing one of the many aesthetic interventions.

Dental esthetics and reasons to choose the dental veneer

Thanks to dental veneers we can improve our smile through a process as simple as it is quick and painless. We are facing the placement of thin sheets that are placed in the enamel offering important changes that will improve the aesthetics of our pieces without this result affecting oral functionality.

If there is something that we would highlight of dental veneers is the wide variety of situations that we can solve through this process since not only will they be useful in case a patient presents severe dental stains but also the insertion of dental veneers in case of slight misalignment or crowding as well as they will be very useful to close a diatom.

Another of the utilities proposed by the veneers is found in the correction of the shape of small teeth or to solve a dental trauma. It is clear in this way that the possibilities proposed by the veneers are very wide and varied, which makes this process one of those that have a greater claim today.

There are different types of dental veneers, probably the best known and most popular is the veneer composed of porcelain since it offers excellent aesthetic results.

To carry out this process two sessions are necessary in which the measurements of the patient’s parts will be taken and then the veneers will be designed in a dental laboratory depending on the characteristics that the patient presents. In some cases a small dental carving will be necessary before finally placing the porcelain veneer, which not only assures us a beautiful aesthetics but also a very resistant and durable material.

On the other hand we must also talk about composite veneers as another of the alternatives that we have at our disposal, this being a faster process (a single session) and minimally invasive to not require the carving of the tooth, although the results are not as aesthetic compared to porcelain composite veneers.