Why save a baby tooth of our children? How would you help them? Only them or the whole family? What if they all dropped? How does the system work? What is a biological insurance? What diseases can cure? What is regenerative medicine? What are Stem cells?

Adult Stem Cells (AMCs) are found throughout our body. Its function, among others, is to repair tissues, to heal. The researcher Jacques nor explained: Let us give the example of an ulcer: if there are no stem cells, it cannot be repaired, the gap remains. What allows scarring is the presence of stem cells.

However, we need to have a good amount to apply them in regenerative medicine treatments. We need a source in which there is sufficient quantity and which, in turn, can multiply.

To meet this, we found three main sources: bone marrow (1960s), fat or adipose tissue (1980s) and teeth (2003).

Is there a tooth? Where?

The dental pulp, that soft tissue that is inside the tooth, contains many high quality CMA, which also have an enormous capacity for multiplication, obtaining billions or trillions of CMA with great potentiality of differentiation.

With milk teeth we have 20 opportunities to obtain the CMA from their pulp, since in total they are 20 deciduous teeth. And only one tooth is needed to obtain, multiply and preserve the quantity and sufficient quality of CMA.

It is also an easy and painless procedure, because the milk tooth in the stage of change of the dentition, falls naturally or may require minimal assistance from the dentist.

We know that these teeth tend to fall out of the mouth of children at the least expected time, so if you want to preserve it for the extraction of your CMA, parents should contact the dentist, to coordinate the removal of the tooth in the moment.

What are the use of Stem Cells?

Stem cells differentiate (transform) into the cells of our body. If we need bone cells we will have bone, if we need it in the heart they will become heart cells, if we want to recover from a nervous system affection they will become neurons.

Today we know that stem cells have the ability to differentiate into skin, bone, cartilage, muscles, heart muscle, liver or pancreas cells, including neurons and glia. Tissue and cell engineering has achieved through various processes to make the CMA differentiate into the tissue that the patient might need.

At the Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Anthony Attala has worked for decades in tissue engineering making heart valves, blood vessels, liver, muscles, skin and even ears, as well as cell therapies that treat Parkinson’s disease , diabetes or kidney failure.

More and more diseases are treated with what we call regenerative medicine, be it cell therapy or tissue engineering. And having the patient’s own stem cells is fundamental.

Hippocrates, known as the Father of Medicine, said: “The natural forces within us are the true healers of the disease.”

All the milk teeth fell: is there another chance?

Yes. Third molars or other permanent teeth that must be extracted (by orthodontics, for example) also work.

Does it serve only them or others in the family?

In the opinion of many researchers, relatives can use them, but it is imperative that compatibility tests be done.

How is it the procedure?

Go to your dentist, he will give you information. He is the one who, in addition to the clinical procedure, gets in touch with the analysis system and the cell bank for preservation.

Keeping the dental pulp from a tooth of our children can be very important for their future.